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What is Influencer Marketing?

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Have you ever wondered about the advertisement? Like its emergence, evolution, and history.

No! so, stay tuned to the next paragraphs to understand the advertisement.

Every social media strategy is entirely focused on advertising. All the online marketing agency focuses on this and so, Each and every company wants to reach among targeted customers.
Ok, let us ask a question?
How do you get to know about a new product or a company? Probably 99 percent of the chances of your answer would be through an advertisement. This comes under media strategy And that’s completely true. So, if you focus on meaning then “an advertisement is a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy.” Influencer marketing is helping brands to grow in local market.

Further, we will understand the advertisement in 2 steps.



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So, let’s commence with the history of an advertisement and how does it evolve into social media marketing.

History- A Very first form of an advertisement is found as wall paintings that date back to 4000 Bc. The recorded voice in china to sell confectionery. Press and print media revolutionized advertisement. In the 18th century advertisements started to come to newspapers. In the 19th century, Mr. Thomas Barratt brought a revolution by creating advertisement which involved the use of slogans, phrases, Images. And then it started to appear on Radio’s and from the 1950s on t .v. In the 1900 century advertisement team involved the strategy and marketing team. Most modern internet marketing advertisements evolved in the 1990s. As people started to learn about internet things and so the online advertisement was there to promote a product or service. The 21st century starts with all the forms of an advertisement to date.

Here there is 5 main advertisement to date.

Print advertisement– Billboards, hoardings, Pamphlets, newspaper

Radio Advertisement-Recorded audio clips.

Television Advertisement-Video clips which involve a renowned public figure, audio-visual ads.

Social Media Advertisement-This is marginally distinct from a television advertisement. this is an online advertisement where companies execute campaigns, sponsored ads, digital banners, etc.

Influencer Marketing-This is a very new and trending social media marketing strategy involving endorsements and product placement from influencers, people, and organizations who have a purported expert level of knowledge or social influence in their field.

Emergence– Advertisement emerged in very early forms of the civilization of the world. In ancient Greece and Rome have traces of advertisement forms where people used to advertise through carving on walls or by wall art.
As time changed and people invented many devices and instruments where that could be medium to advertise for the example radio saw voice advertisement and television have visual ads. The internet brought a huge revolution and changed the way of advertisement completely 180 degrees. It uses specific methods for focused platforms, regions, social media, and other platforms.

Influencer marketing is very new to the marketing strategy for companies. Social influencer marketing, local icon marketing is synonymous with influencer marketing. Influencers are mainly people who are mainly followed by people from their neighborhood or on their social media profiles because of their certain skills. Such as professional advisers, academics, industry analysts, and journalists. This is a very new b2b social media strategy and helps to enhance social media and SEO also.

Here our main topic of discussion is to understand the influencer marketing strategy in social media advertisement or social media marketing.

So, As the rise of social media sees the huge engagement of people online. Where so many people want to get noticed every time and so they do such things to increase their followers and become an influencer for a group of people.
Influencer marketing is known as influence marketing is a form of online or social media marketing primarily involved in endorsing and product presentation from influencers, people, and organizations who have a solid command & expert level of knowledge or social influence in their field. The content for influencer may be framed as showcase advertising; where influencers are the potential buyer, or maybe involved as the third person in advertising. This 3rd person can be seen in the supply chain or as value-added influencers.

Influencer marketers are providing huge profits for the brands and so companies where the company pays an influencer to promote their product. This new trend sees the involvement of many professionals such as content creator, visual content creator, freelance content creator, and creative content creator, fashion content creator. Sometimes they are also known as virtual influencer. In the process of marketing where influencer people are completely allowed to use and then promote on their social media platform. This trend has diverted many companies from traditional advertisements to social media advertisement. This new trend has lots of benefits in terms of savings such as expenses on various platforms advertisements, time, and money. Where so small businesses have started giving importance to this digital influencer and consider this as social media strategy & for social media marketing.