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What is Content Marketing?

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Since you are a reader and I am content so I must entail only those stuff which makes you understood about content marketing. so, by ‘Content Marketing Institute’ – Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

In above the definition you must have gone through the words ‘valuable’, ‘relevant’ these words have actual meaning in content strategy. A good content is the identity of your company and this the media to convey what you are? What your product is? How your product solves daily lives certain problems. Practically you can understand this from examples let’s suppose you have to some flip-flops and you went to any E-commerce application and you searched flippers and you got so many options in a list and you clicked on any brand’s, I would ask a couple of questions here, like why did you click on that flip-flops only. And what compelled you to go through the whole information given there about the product. To answer this you can say that this product looked so attractive, information about the benefits made me stop by description or maybe the visuals of the product were so interesting. After understanding this particular example I am definitely sure that you have developed an understanding of content marketing and its importance. Every giant company like Amazon, P&G, Microsoft, Cisco, Nestle, Tata uses a marketing strategy to lure their customers and to be reliable to them.

It literally creates an impact on the target audience if it has relevance and value for customers. It decides your sales target, Marketing strategy, Product reliability, etc. All viral posts, trending blogs, trending Video-logs, ads, product videos, posters, banners, greetings, graphics, podcasts are part of content strategy. Of course, the main focus is to provide more values through creative content from every digital media plate form to targeted audiences.

Why Content Marketing?

I think it is more important to understand why content based marketing is the need for growth and value for the business, Than understanding what is content marketing.
There are 6 main benefits of content marketing given below;
• Brand Awareness.
• Increased sales and so customers
• Creating more popularity and gaining recognition.
• Cost savings
• Loyal customers.
• May earn you good web site traffic.

Content marketing should be a part of all forms of marketing, regardless of what tactics you use. How it should be part of different forms of marketing? This term is explained below-
• Social media marketing- Well social media strategy comes behind content marketing strategy because you have to start with what to post.
• SEO- Search engines reward companies and their businesses that publish quality, quantity & consistent content.
• Public Relations aka PR- Successful PR strategies address challenges readers want to be resolved, not their business.
• Pay per click- For Pay Per Click to work, you need great content behind it to excite a person, to raise curiosity, etc.
• Inbound marketing- Content marketing plays a vital role in inbound marketing and leads
• Content strategy- Content strategy is part of most content marketing strategies. This uses collecting, creating, graphics, etc.

What Biz Immune have in Content Creation for you-

Our Content Creation Strategy uses 4 main functions as follows:-
Understanding-At In the very first stage we understand terms about products, business, their customers, trends, etc.
Collecting & creating- The second step is to gather valuable information from our clients. Further, we use graphic design software, video tools, Editing tools as well as other tools to create attractive and more informational contents.
Analysis- when contents are ready we do some analysis and reviews many times to check certain things. Like it should not be violated, it should be reliable, not be misleading. It must maintain the policy and dignity of a company.
“In the end, we will say without content marketing may not be effective and possible”