Account based marketing

Account Based Marketing

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Account Based Marketing is a very new strategy in doing business and the pace of market adoption is very high. This can add very high growth and revenue to your company. Account-based marketing uses a unique marketing strategy for the key accounts by the companies or by their channel partners. Account-based marketing practices more holistic aspects of marketing, just beyond lead generation. Marketing to existing customer accounts to increase upselling and cross-selling is one of the keys to getting the most value from your largest accounts. ABM can give you long term customers who will last longer with you. In this, you first identify your target segments and then approach them with personalized marketing campaigns. The Sales cycle in ABM is small as the lead conversion time is bound to a certain time because of specific campaigns and offers. It would not be boasting that you may shine among your competitors if you adopt this strategy and putting your efforts to reach out to maximum key accounts. Account-based marketing uses consistent, periodic, and personalized campaigns to enhanced sales activities. It helps in building good relationships
Between many levels of companies as well as with key accounts too.

Benefits of doing Account Based Marketing-

The marketing and sales team will be in constant communication
It increases the chances of your company relevance’s among top key accounts
Provides gives consistent business experiences.
It helps you to expand your business through relationships with many high-value key accounts.

How Biz Immune uses ABM strategy-

First of all, we identify high-value target accounts or companies with good revenue you can say. And then we conduct extensive research on those accounts like what are their customer’s needs and their pain points and where they stand out in their customer’s expectations. After doing these couple of things, here we come to our favorite part i.e; Developing customized marketing campaigns, to do this we use the results of research outcomes and develop creative assets so that it can resonate with target accounts. We run marketing campaigns and track these campaigns very meticulously.